Saturday, January 23, 2010

New Gundam in my collection

This is what i have for this week, gonna finish them up soon. Bought the Exia, Arios, Deathscythe and Shining Gundam from CH-Toynation and Zeta from Anime Passion in Seri Qlap

Saturday, January 9, 2010

1/60 PG Strike Gundam Review

This is the frame for my PG Strike Gundam, looks skinny eheh
Side view
Rear view, looks tall
Very Flexible
Finished assembling this Gundam for the whole day! very tiring but satisfied at the result since this is my first PG Gundam
Side view
Back View, still not complete, will need the Aile Striker next time
Side view again
The hatch can be opened at its leg
At the hand unit
At the rear also can be opened
At the shoulder
And the cockpit with unpainted Kira Yamato, Im not at that level yet
Full hatch open
Side view
Rear view
Fully articulated hand
The shield
The Grandslam, very tall exceeding the kit it self
The Beam Rifle
The Two Armor-Schneider
The Strike Gundam have LED which lights up the parts of its head
Im astounded by its flexibility! very solid and cool!
The pose on the box itself
Fully Equip
Mount Latch

Thursday, January 7, 2010

My First Perfect Grade Gunpla

This is my very first PERFECT GRADE! The GAT-X105 STRIKE GUNDAM from Gundam SEED! Bought this Gundam from SimplyGundam on the 30th.12.2009, Thank you for bringing in this Gundam for me. The next target will be the PG SKYGRASPER to combine it with my strike to become AILE STRIKE!
The contents, consist of 26 runners with over 550 ABS plastic parts, all molded in colour, plus polycaps for the joints and die-cast joint parts for stability. Two instructions included for assembling and poses and etc. Will make a review for it when i have the chance but sorry there will be no W.I.P due to internet problems.